Robb Russo: Lead Vocals | Rhythm Guitar | Keyboard

Originally from New York City, Robb Russo has made music his passion as the lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist and one of the founding members of Asphalt Socialites. Following a four year hiatus from his first musical endeavor in acrylic, Robb felt there was a void in his life when there were no more rehearsals to let loose in and no more shows to look forward to. This had to change.  "My first band taught me to love songwriting, the stage and the audience from behind a bass guitar. This band has allowed me to express myself and find my own voice within this new experience. I've always wanted to bring the kind of emotion to my music that bands like Suede and Blue October have brought to theirs. Sometimes I find the lyrics come after the music sets the tone. It's funny though, so many times I'll wake up with a phrase repeating in my head. By the time I finish my morning shower, I'll have matched that to a more conscious effort." Robb plans to take the band as far as it can go.
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